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#1 Rated Eye Hospital for Contoura Lasik surgery in Pune

Dr. Aditya Raut

50,000+ Lasik surgeries
20,000+ PRK surgeries
20,000+ Contoura Lasik surgeries
10,000+ RLE surgeries
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Best Eye hospital for Lasik surgery in Pune

Dr Rajeev Raut starting performing LASIK surgery in 1995. He was the pioneer of lasik surgery and prk surgery in pune. Dr Aditya Raut and Dr Kumud Raut now spearhead the lasik department. Our eye hospital specialises in bladeless, flapless, touchless lasik surgery and tran prk surgery.

Raut Eye Care is known for providing top-notch cataract and eye care services, making us the best cataract hospital in Pune.

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Cost of lasik surgery in Pune Maharashtra

Our eye doctors are well-trained and experienced, making them the best eye doctors for Lasik surgery Pune.

With a precise pre operative protocol and advanced machiines and technology driven analysis, your safety is guaranteed.

We understand the importance of clear vision, which is why our Lasik surgeons in Pune are committed to delivering the best outcomes.

Cost of number reduction surgery varies depending on what laser is most suitable for your eye

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First lasik surgeon in pune to introduce contoura LASIK

We are the first eye hospital in pune to introduce contoura vision lasik surgery.

Contoura vision lasik surgery provides supervision making the post operative vision after lasik surgery even better than what you could initially see without glasses or contact lenses

With state of the art FS200 and Ex500 LASIK suite from alcon USA we are able to perform transprk , topo guided lasik, bladeless lasik, Custom Q lasik, wavefront guided lasik and PTK

Saltient Features

Salient Features of Cataract Surgery at our Eye Care Clinic in Pune

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Best Femtosecond Lasik surgery in Pune

Advantages of Femtosecond lasik surgery

  • Bladeless
  • Painless
  • Instant recovery
  • Get back to work the next day
  • Crystal clear vision
  • Advaned pupil tracking
  • Advanced cyclotorsion tracking
  • Advanced on axis treatment for best visual clarity

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Lasik Surgeron - Bladeless Lasik near me

Raut Eye Care offers the best lasik surgery in Pune, with minimal pain and downtime.

The surgeons at Raut Eye Care are highly trained and experienced in performing all types of lasik surgeries.

The clinic uses state-of-the-art technology, such as the Femtosecond laser, to perform precise lasik procedures.

Raut Eye Care provides personalized care and attention to every patient, ensuring the best possible outcomes for lasik treatment.

Patients can trust Raut Eye Care for lasik treatment as the clinic follows strict safety protocols and standards.

The center has a reputation for delivering exceptional results for lasik surgeries, making it the best choice in Pune.

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Pune's Best Contoura Lasik surgery

Raut Eye Care offers a range of lasik treatments that cater to various eye conditions and patient needs. Patients can book a consultation with the experienced and skilled surgeons at Raut Eye Care to discuss their options for lasik treatment. Raut Eye Care provides complete and thorough pre-operative and post-operative care to ensure optimal results for lasik treatment.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Raut Eye Care ensures a hassle-free and comfortable experience for every patient. With years of experience and expertise in lasik treatment, Raut Eye Care is the top choice for corrective eye surgeries in Pune. Raut Eye Care has a long list of satisfied patients who have benefited from their advanced lasik treatment. The clinic's commitment to providing the best lasik surgery in Pune has made it a leading center for lasik spectacle correction.

Saltient Features

Salient Features of LASIK surgery performed by our Lasik surgeon in Pune